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The recent announcement of ESIT as a Success Story by the European Commission (see report below) has featured in several news media, especially also in Germany, from where ESIT is managed.

Several articles (in German) have been published, among them:

"Tinnitus Project at Regensburg receiving honour", Mittelbayerische Zeitung Regensburg.


"European award for Tinnitus project", Wochenblatt, Regensburg.


Furthermore, ESIT consortium partner Regensburg University and the Department for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy thereof, at medbo Bezirksklinikum Regensburg (Regensburg District Hospital), also reported on our success. Thank you very much!

Stefan Schoisswohl, ESIT PhD student at Regensburg University Hospital, presented some of his research findings in his speciality, TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation, a non-invasive form of brain stimulation) for tinnitus, at the 2019 nTMS Conference in Berlin, Germany!

A video recording of his presentation can be accessed here or by clicking on the image below.

We congratulate Stefan very much to the progress of his PhD and are excited to hear about more results!

During their recent University College London (UCL) Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Masterclass, ESIT International Academic Mentor Dr Raj Shekhawat, Associate Professor at UCL, took the opportunity to present ESIT and his invaluable involvement in it to an audience of researchers and clinicians being trained on the newest findings in tinnitus research and therapy.

Thank you very much for making ESIT and its ambitions known in this remarkable setting!

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