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We are proud to announce another scientific publication on tinnitus genetics, completed by ESIT PhD candidate Sana Amanat, working at the University of Granada/GENYO Lab Granada, in collaboration with her supervisors Antonio Lopez-Escamez and Teresa Requena.

Their paper "A Systematic Review of Extreme Phenotype Strategies to Search for Rare Variants in Genetic Studies of Complex Disorders" was published in the Journal MDPI Genes and can be accessed here or by clicking the image below.

The entire ESIT consortium congratulates Sana and her colleagues on this achievement!

The entire ESIT consortium is grateful and proud to report several newly-published project scientific publications:

ESIT PhD candidates Stefan Schoisswohl and Jorge Simoes co-authored an article with high relevance to the current coronavirus crisis, on the effects of the pandemic on tinnitus. It can be accessed here or by clicking on the image below:


Muntazir Mehdi (University of Ulm), Constanze Riha (University of Zurich), and Albi Dode (University of Ulm) collaborated for a publication on eHealth and mHealth and its implications for tinnitus, to be found here or by clicking the below image:


Sana Amanat, ESIT doctoral researcher at the University of Granada/Genyo Lab Granada contributed a new publication on tinnitus genetics here, or through a click on the below graphic:



Furthermore, two ESIT-associated scientific submitted in the years 2018 and 2019 became publicly available:

ESIT supervisor Antonio Lopez-Escamez and colleagues completed a review on Ménière's disease treatment, to be found here or clicking below:


And ESIT supervisors Christopher Cederroth and Barbara Canlon contributed novel insights in tinnitus genetics, here or through a click on the image below:



The gratest congratulations and thanks to all authors and co-authors, from all ESIT! We're already very much looking forward to many further upcoming publications!

Overall, we have now reached a total of 28 ESIT publications!

*** Update (10 September 2020): The recording of Raj Shekhawat's TedX Talk is now available on the official TedX Talks Youtube channel. We invite you to have a watch! ***

We are proud to announce that ESIT International Academic Mentor, Raj Shekhawat, Associate Professor at UCL London, will give a very surely inspirational TEDtalk at TEDxSFIT, on "Tears of joy: The magic of hearing".

This time, the event will be carried out fully online, and free registrataion is available following this link, or by clicking on the image below.

We congratulate our dear colleague Raj very much to this opportrunity and are certain that everyone attending will derive great benefit!

With great happiness and gratitude, we are able to share the news that ESIT, and its mobile app for tinnitus assessment and treatment, have been nominated on the European Union Innovation Radar, a tool to map innovative developments in the European Research Area, coming out of EU-funded projects!

This opportunity increases the visibility of ESIT and its research and innovation potential, and we're already excited about all further developments and partnerships that might derive.

More information can be found here or by clicking on the image below.

Our immense thanks are due for all members of staff who made this possible, and the incredible support of our Project Officer at the European Commission, and their team!

Hyperacusis (an overly sensitive perception of sound, often associated with distress) is a hearing condition connected to tinnitus.

A recently published new article, "Association between Hyperacusis and Tinnitus", with support of ESIT supervisors Christopher Cederroth, Antonio Lopez-Escamez, Derek Hoare, Barbara Canlon and Silvano Gallus, as well as training partner Jan Bulla, has shed new light on this important topic.

Congratulations to all authors to this paper, making it the 23rd ESIT publication overall!

The full text of this open-access article can be accessed here or by clicking on the image below.

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