European School for Interdisciplinary Tinnitus Research (ESIT)

Throughout the duration of ESIT, we were delighted to have always been able to welcome at meetings, conferences and trainings, not only our own 15 PhD candidate, but additional PhD students from other universities and research consortia on tinnitus as well!

Laure Jacquemin, Bachelor, Master and Postgraduate Degree graduate in audiology from Belgium (KU Leuven), working and researching at the University of Antwerp and University Hospital of Antwerp, was the earliest and most consistent of all of them, being while she became an indispensable, core part of our student group, not to be missed at any gathering!

Thank you Laure, for all your scientific, professional and indeed positive social contribution on all these occasions!


After intensively productive years as a doctoral researcher, with her main research interests in tinnitus, neuromodulation, and event-related potentials (also the topic of her thesis), and as a clinicial audiologist at her institutions, Laure successfully with her PhD on December 9, 2019, and all of the ESIT consortium would like to congratulate her very much on her outstanding performance and wish her all the best for a promising career in the field!

Dear Laure, thank you for having become part of our consortium and we are looking forward to keeping in touch and to be hearing from all your upcoming projects and achievements!

Laure's LinkedIn profile.

Laure's Researchgate profile.


We are immensely proud to announce that ESIT was recently announced a

Success Story

by the European Commission's Research Executive Agency!

The corresponding article and information can be accessed here.

Beyond words, we'd like to highlight and thank our outstanding PhD students for their work and contribution and wish them all the best for the completion of their dissertations!

Likewise, we express our gratitude to our excellent EC REA Project Officer Michaela Bitsakis and all members of the consortium and team! WIthout everyone of you, this would never have been possible!

ESIT PhD student Stefan Schoisswohl, completing his PhD at the University of Regensburg, achieved a further scientific publication, making it the first for ESIT in the new year 2020 and the 18th of the ESIT consortium in total:

The full article can be accessed here or by clicking on the image above, a PDF download is available via this link.

We congratulate Stefan and his collaborators, Martin Schecklmann, Patrick Neff, Winfried Schlee, Berthold Langguth, and Johannes Arnds, very much on their success and are awaiting further ESIT publcations very soon!

The whole ESIT consortium and all associated partners would like to wish you all the very best the world has to offer for 2020! May it be happy and healthy throughout!

It is going to be a very exciting year for our project, since the majority of ESRs will finish their dissertations this year. We are having our fingers crossed for their best of success and will keep you updated here and on our other channels!

Our best wishes once again!

The whole ESIT consortium, all ESRs, supervisors and staff wish you a Merry Christmas and relaxing holidays with your loved ones!

We'd like to thank all partners for their outstanding support and collaboration in 2019, making the past year a fruitful and indeed forward-moving one for ESIT as a whole!

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