Here you can find a list of the various public outreach activities. Have fun watching our videos, reading articles, press releases and interviews. 

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Auszeichnung: Regensburger Tinnitus-Projekt gewürdigt - Award: Honour for tinnitus project at Regensburg

Article in Regensburg newspaper "Mittelbayerische Zeitung" about ESIT recognised as Success Story, January 2020

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„ESIT“ schreibt Erfolgsgeschichte: Europäische Auszeichnung für Tinnitus-Projekt - "ESIT" becoming success: European recognition for tinnitus project

Newspaper article of Regensburg "Wochenblatt" about the ESIT Success Story, January 2020

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ESIT Success Story: Tackling tinnitus with innovative and individualised therapies

With this article, ESIT was labelled a Success Story by the European Comission Research Executive Agengy in January 2020!

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Tinnitus Factsheet, Ménière's Society UK

A comprehensive information document on tinnitus, especially also aimed at patients with Ménière's Disease, prepared by ESIT ESR Sana Amanat and ESIT supervisor

António López-Escámez

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Geräusche im Ohr: Tinnitusforschung - Exzellente Nachwuchswissenschaftler zu Gast in RegensburgTinnitusforschung - Exzellente Nachwuchswissenschaftler zu Gast in Regensburg -

Sounds in the ear: Tinnitus research - Outstanding early stage researchers visiting Regensburg

News report of the German local newspaper "Wochenblatt" about the 4th ESIT Training School at Regensburg, October 2019

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Tureluurs van die tuut: Wat je kent doen tegen oorsuizen - What one can do against tinnitus

A Dutch-language article in the newspaper Libelle, with scientific input from ESIT PhD candidate Matheus Lourenco researching at the University of Maastricht and

KU Leuven.

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Tinnitus-overlege: Dette demper plagene - Tinnitus consultant: This surpresses the symptoms

Article (in Norwegian) in the important Norwegian Newspaper "Dagbladet" about ESIT ESR Natalia Trpchevska's genetic tinnitus research, with a contribution by

ESIT supervisor Berthold Langguth, September 2019

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Phantom im Ohr - Phantom in the Ear

Article (in German) in Swiss newspaper "Basler Zeitung" about the research of ESIT supervisor Prof. Tobias Kleinjung and ESIT Trainer Dr. Patrick Neff, August 2019

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ESIT Making Headaway

Interview and Video about ESIT by Tinnitus Hub, April 2019

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Knowledge is King! Koningsdag at Groningen University

Official press release by RUG, April 2018

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ESIT Press release including all partner organizations

Medizin Aspekte, German language, April 2018

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Tinnitus Clinic Regensburg and ESIT

Mittelbayerische Zeitung, German language, Oct 24, 2017

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Interview with Prof. Dr. Tobias Kleinjung

Deutschlandfunk, German language, Mar 20, 2018

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"Horizon 2020 backs major push to tackle tinnitus"

University World News, Dec 15, 2017

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 "Gemeinsam gegen Ohrgeräusche" (german)

in, July 12, 2017

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Press release in German on "Journal Med"

May 21, 2017

Adobe pdf symbol   Abstract "Donaupost" 10.05.2017 (german)
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Official Press release at the start of the project  

May 10, 2017