We were delighted to organise and to welcome the ESIT PhD students for the 4th ESIT Training School, which has taken place from September 16 - 20, 2019, at the Clinic and Policlinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the University of Regensburg, medbo. Many thanks to them for their outstanding support and offering us a well-suited, friendly environment for our gathering.

This, once again, very engaging, insightful and, like the ESIT consortium itself, international training was made up of sessions covering, among many other things, personal effectiveness, personal and career development, entrepreneurship, Wikipedia writing, intellectual property, open data and open science, and working with the ESIT scientific database. We are indebted to the many internal and external trainers for their invaluable support and grateful for contributing their time and expertise to our event!

According to the ESIT grant proposal and grant agreement, this has already been the last ESIT Training School, with previous ones having taken place at Warsaw, Nottingham and Milan. However, many other training opportunities are still coming up and will be reported here. We are indeed very much looking forward!





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