As was reported below, we were grateful to have been able to welcome the international tinnitus patient organisation Tinnitus Hub at the 2019 Tinnitus Research Initiative (TRI) Conference in Taipei, Taiwan.

As a follow up to their valuable conference participation and to inform their members and tinnitus-affected individuals worldwide, several highly informative blog posts and videos were created which we would very much like to share:

A factful blog post on the details of the conference including brief reports on talks and symposia, written by ESIT PhD-students (click on image to follow link):


A colourful video, with Tinnitus Hub Director and Chief Strategist Hazel Goedhart presenting, giving an overall view of the conference and conveying well the vibrant, international athmosphere of this event (click on image to access link):


A further, insightful video featuring ESIT Coordinator Winfried Schlee, ESIT International Academic Mentor Raj Shekhawat, and ESIT supervisor Berthold Langguth, discussing the recent past, the current state and the outlook for tinnitus research (click on image to access link):

We'd like to express our heartfelt thanks and utmost appreciation of Hazel Goedhart's and Tinnitus Hub's efforts to make the condition of tinnitus more well-known, to alleviate the isolation felt by many sufferers and to spread the word about innovative tinnitus research happening worldwide!

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